I’ve committed! For March 16, 2012, I confirmed a photo shoot with my photographer friend Michele. She takes some of the most fun, personality-filled shots of people that I have ever seen! Everyone looks larger than life and yet, completely and entirely themselves.

I told her I want to include fitness shots. I think I said something crazy, like I want to show my arms, legs, and abs.


You might be surprised how fit a person can be and how much squish in the middle she can still hide under clothes! Being fit for a sport is not quite the same as being fit for photos (although, thankfully, they correlate in the same direction). And so, today, I will be shopping for new food. This weekend, I will be testing my adjustment to a lower carb diet and taking “before” pictures. My “before” certainly isn’t bad — it’s about the best shape of my life! — but it also isn’t quite photo-shooting-your-abs-up-close ready. Monday, I will be starting Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day exercise plan in Making the Cut. I’m not a big Jillian fan. But, she is promising to get me in good enough shape to run in a bikini.

I’ll get to test that bikini-running thing when I go to Florida later in March! In the meantime, I have additional motivation not to wait until the last minute in the form of Cupid’s Undie Run for the Children’s Tumor Foundation, which I signed up for with friends on February 11. As the name suggests… you run in your undies.

This is my experiment to get in the best shape of my life as I turn 47.

I also want to know without a doubt that I’m at my best racing weight. For too long, I’ve been wondering how much faster I might be with a better runner’s body fat percentage. Jillian says she can get me to 15-18%! I’m somewhere in the low 20s right now.

I’ll continue to post about my progress — as well as my setbacks, adjustments, and experiences — as I go!