Connie Vaughn Headshot

I’m passionate about showing people how they’re so much more than they think they are, mathematically and otherwise.

I’ve known I was a math person since I fell in love with algebra in Mrs. Gunthner’s eighth grade math class. I went on to study mathematics/statistics and psychology at Miami University of Ohio with Honors and summa cum laude.

Later I taught statistics at Loyola University Chicago, where I first encountered severe math anxiety in my students. At Loyola, I also received a masters degree in Developmental Psychology, and explored a deep interest in human development theory and research that helped me respond to my students’ experience.

Along with teaching, I went to work in business analytics (currently as a Senior Director and Associate Principal of Analytics for Catalina Marketing). In my business career I’ve been fortunate to be at the leading edge of analytics and data science—

  • · creating custom statistical models for dozens of client accounts;
  • · introducing data-driven personalization in a billion-dollar company;
  • · and authoring a suite of data algorithms for a successful start-up.

I’ve led teams of up to 35 people, and cross-functional projects integrating “left brain” programmers and engineers with “right brain” art directors and copywriters. I studied at night to receive an MBA from University of Chicago with coursework in both organizational development and statistical analysis.

My personal arc to develop my own strategic thinking, emotional regulation, leadership ability, and communication skills was long and winding, and I’m fascinated with how we grow as people in our careers—what helps and impedes us.

Recently, I was able to hone my skills in journalistic writing with Medill faculty at Northwestern University through their professional studies program. I provided data journalism linking diversity, poverty, and education outcomes for the Chicago Reader newspaper’s series on the Chicago Public Schools.

In 2019, I created my talk for TEDxDayton on math anxiety and identity.

I’m very interested in continuing to provide thought leadership and an investigative spirit to a range of mathematics and human development topics:

  • · mathematics curriculum updates for the 21st century;
  • · workforce development toward data literacy;
  • · skills training across the lifespan for the new longevity economy;
  • · how early childhood development depends on the cognitive and emotional capabilities of adults, and other direct applications of research to social policy;  
  • · and how a growth mindset enables us to self-actualize.